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~~If you like water recreation, or cycling, you will love the Hydro-Bikes!~~


With little effort you can maintain a cruising speed of 4-6 miles per hour, and you can accelerate up to 6 mph. On HydroBikes, you’re comfortably seated upright for great viewing as you cruise past canoes, kayaks and paddle boats. Drink holders and a place for your dry items make this the most comfortable ride on the water and if you get hot, take a dip in the lake.


~~HydroBike Fitness~~

HydroBikes are not just a great way to relax but are also a super good way to work out. A HydroBike helps you work out just like a normal bike, except that it runs on water. It is easier to ride a HydroBike than a normal bike because there is less friction in the water. But, the overall fitness quotient and fat burnt with the HydroBike is a LOT MORE than what can be achieved by any normal land bike. Here are some reasons why a HydroBike is good for working out:


1. Less muscle strain but more work done.

2. Travelling in the water eliminates risks of accidents.

3. The HydroBike will help you burn fat at a phenomenal rate.

4. Your leg and calf muscles get stronger and enable you to gain muscle strength.

5. Moderate water cycling (about 60% maximum) burned an average of 546 calories per hour. The caloric burn is 8% greater than outdoor bicycling at a speed of 10-12 miles per hour.”


~~Looking to Purchase a Hydro-Bike~~


Explorer 1: $2,499.00





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Hydro-Bikes of East Tennessee
Hydro-Bikes of East Tennessee

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